Relationships are probably the most confusing but most wonderful yet uncomfortable things on the planet. They make you want to skip through a field of roses into the sunset and yet they also make you want to punch yourself in the face repeatedly and pull your hair out with fire tongs. It’s a very thin line. Some might even say it was a blurred line *wink wink*. I mean relationships have potential to go way wrong or way right. I mean I’m pretty sure there’s no in between. You’re either a train wreck or you’re in a fairytale. Or maybe you’re good at pretending you’re a fairy tale. Either way, it’s a flood of emotions that can impair pretty much everything in your life. Coming from someone who hasn’t much luck in that department, these views or advice may mean nothing. I’m willing to take that chance.

First off I’d like to say that although I seem high maintenance, I’m not. Honestly, if I’m mad at you or if you feel the need to make me happy or some weird shit like that; buy me a triple cheese pizza. That’s it. If you want to go the extra mile write a message on top with the toppings (Mushrooms, onions, bell peppers). Or even just bread sticks or a 32oz coke. Or just a milk chocolate bar. Feeling ambitions? Buy me 2 bars of chocolate. That’s all I need. And not just me there are plenty of other girls who feel this way too. Guys, girls aren’t that difficult. We like to be told we’re pretty and just kind of hang out. I mean just don’t stare at every hot girl you see and at least pretend to listen and be upfront with everything. I mean thats all most of us really ask. There are some very special girls out there who demand everything under the sun. Dump them. Just a little piece of advice. Take it or realize in about two-twenty years that you should have listened to me.

I consider myself a feminist or at least part of one. I just don’t understand the whole ‘guys have to pay for everything’ situation. I mean this is the 21st century. I’m pretty sure the whole ‘girls fighting for equal rights’ thing wasn’t just so that we could rely on men for like everything. Split the check or get separate checks. I mean unless the guy is all chivalrous and insists. But the reality is that most teenagers don’t have jobs or make minimum wage. So it’s just fair that the girl pays too. Or just take turns paying for things. I mean there’s a simple solution to most things. If you want to do something special open the door for her.

I hate dating advice from magazines. It confuses me. How does one look flirty and sexy and cute and down to earth and be hard to get at the same time? It doesn’t make any sense. If I was all those things then I wouldn’t have the issues that I’m having. Magazines make dating seem so easy. Look a guy in the eye for 7 seconds and you know it’s on. No, if I look a guy in the eyes for 7 seconds he’s going to think I’m a psycho creeper and come kill him in the middle of the night. I wish magazines would have more relatable tips. Hello, I’m looking for relatable advice for the average gal not advice for some flirting goddess.

BE HONEST. I cannot stress that enough. You need to be honest with your significant other, F.W.B., Crush, etc. Tell them how you feel. Don’t lie. Pretty self explanatory. The more you lie the more it’s going to bite you in the ass later. If you’re mad, tell them. If you’re sad, tell them. If you’re happy, tell them. COMMUNICATE PEOPLE. And please don’t you dare end the conversation with ‘ILU’.

Another important thing is to not lead somebody on. If you don’t like them be clear about it and don’t give them false hope. You can’t just flirt with somebody just to flirt. If you are be clear about it. Otherwise they’re going to be calling you a douchecanoe or asswipe the next day.

So pretty much if you looked at that and said ‘Tl;Dr’; here’s a summary for you. If you want a good relationship be open and honest and don’t look at stupid magazines. Until next time! XOXO


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