1. Sky Diving

2. Couch Surfing in Europe

3. Go to Machu Pichu

4. Hiking in Tasmania/Australia/New Zealand

5. Hiking in the amazon

6. Go to the Congo

7. Parasailing

8. Learn to Surf

9. Visit Bali

10. Skinny Dipping

11. Hitchhiking

12. Bungee Jumping

13. Bake (and consume) Pot Brownies

14. Go Spelunking

15. Play a Lord of the Rings drinking game

16. Streaking

17. Run around a park in a morphsuit

18. Hold a Tarantula

19. Fly a plane

20. Bungee Jump

21. Zipline in the rainforest

22. Trek the Inca Hill

23. Ride a camel in Egypt

24. Ride a hot air balloon

25. Go to a masquerade ball

26. Go to the tomatina festival in Spain

27. Kiteboarding

28. Flyboard

29. Go white water rafting

30. Go Grape Stomping

31. Float in the dead sea

32. Watch a sunset

33. Meet Mindy Kaling

34. Be serenaded

35. Jump into a pool fully clothed

36. Spend the night on a beach

37. Get a bob

38. Do a mud run

39. Be in a movie

40. Walk the red carpet

41. Make a huge fort

42. Eat an entire cake

43. Scuba dive with sharks

44. Swim/stand under a waterfall

45. Stand on trolltunga rock in Norway

46. Paddle through midevil town

47. Take a selfie infront of the 7 wonders of the world

48. Get a tattoo

49. Take a selfie with Logan Lerman

50. Ride in a Gondola

51. Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands

52. Go Paintballing

53. Run a marathon

54. Swim the great barrier reef

55. See the northern lights

56. Swim in a hot spring

57. Visit the swing at the end of the world in Banos, Ecuador

58. Go zorbing

59. Visit Hobbiton

60. Have a food fight

61. Go to a foam party

63. Convince someone that I’m british

64. Ride the London eye

64. Go to the soccer world cup

65. Play paint twister

66. Fall in love

I think that’s enough for now! I’ll cross off things as I go!


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