TV Binge

I would be doing a dishonor to myself it I didn’t write about my addiction to netflix. I literally spent ungodly amounts of time on it. Actually, I was procrastinating writing this because I started re-watching Gossip Girl. I watched 5 seasons in one week. I repeat. 5 Seasons. 1 week. It seems only fitting that the thing distracting me about writing about Netflix was Netflix.

Other than my obvious issues with moderation and self-control, I really like movies. I can’t even do homework if I don’t have some sort of cliche TV show binge going on the background. I am a chronic Netflix Binger. Shows I have Binge-watched include; Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Kyle XY, Nikita, Supernatural, Psych, Scandal, Revenge, and Glee. I’m sure there are more but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. But no I didn’t just stop with Netflix. I got a Hulu Plus as well.

My parents don’t actually know I have a Hulu Plus account as well. I pay for that myself. 1 months worth of Hulu Plus is 1 hour at my job from hell. Otherwise known as Abercrombie. Hulu is my saving grace. I can watch all of my favorite TV shows without my parents finding out. It’s kind of a life saver. I spend lots of time watching SNL (the old episodes when it didn’t suck) and The Mindy Project.

The highlight of my life seems to be when I tweeted, “I can pinpoint the exact moment my love life died. It was when I got a subscription to hulu plus and netflix.” And Hulu Plus Support replied, “It’s Okay, Mihika” and then attached a picture saying ‘We Love You.’ I was very excited that day. This was also the day my mother told me that the reason boys don’t like me is because I spend too much time on Netflix (she doesn’t know I have a Hulu Plus too) and that I have no boobs. Love you too, Mom.


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