We all go through life having pebbles tossed our way. Everywhere we go life seems to through another one our way. Oh, you want to go on a date with that really cute really awesome boy you just met? Here let’s make him a total douche with a girlfriend. The question is do you go out with him anyways and have to deal with the wrath of his lithuanian model now-fiancé or do you bow out gracefully and talk shit about him behind his back to your girlfriends? The question is do you make that pebble a wall or do you simply kick it out of your way and face it head on.

Life throws a lot of pebbles our way. You just keep walking and kicking or breaking through walls. Walking, walking, walking, and boom. Next thing you know you’ve fallen off a cliff into the grand canyon. Great. And at this point you’re probably thinking, “I definitely cannot fall any further than I already have. It’s only up from here.” To you sir, I say, HA! That’s a load of shit. Just when you think that you are at the bottom of the canyon, kicking pebbles, breaking down walls, and suddenly BLAM! 

You’ve fallen into an even lower hole on the canyon. So what do you do? You sit there and cry. And eventually pick yourself up and then sit down and cry some more. Then you shove your face full of chocolate and various other junk food. 5 pizzas, 10 pounds of chocolate, 5 gallons of ice cream, 2 bags of chips later you pick yourself up and climb out. At this point you are still at the bottom of the canyon. You take a few dips in pot holes and then things start to get a little better and you find a path and start to go up a little. But wait you fall back down into an even lower hole than the one before. This time you don’t take nearly as much time (or food) to get out.

You walk along the bottom of the canyon which is riddled with small stones and eventually you sit there and you think, what am I even doing down here? You ponder the question for quite sometime. It could be a my boyfriend broke up with me or my dog died or I have a lot of debt or I’m balding. Either way does that mean you have to scower the bottom of the grand canyon for ages?

There came a time in my life where I was at the bottom of this canyon and one day I thought to myself, I don’t even like rocks! What the hell was I doing in an a CANYON. Newsflash…canyons are made of rocks. I’ve spent the last year and a half of my life breaking down stone walls what was I doing? Let me tell you it’s not exactly fun to have a pebble tossed at your head. I decided that from that point on I had had it with the rocks.


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