Have Faith

For those of you who read through my boys section and are still reading. You rock. But for those of you who skipped over it go back and read bachelor number 3 for this to make sense or just skip right over it. Either way this is going to be short.

So to start this off this is during my angsty teenage fake depression years. I totally thought I was emo but in reality I wore a lot of polos and brown. So blah blah blah depression talk. In the middle of my relationship with John I hit a very low point. He took my hand and said to me, “You are beautiful. You deserve happiness. You deserve to be happy.” I was obviously disgusted by this. Why did I deserve anything? I didn’t deserve shit. He sat there with me for a long time not speaking and kissed my forehead. “You need to believe in yourself.” To which I promptly replied, “How?” I had lost the ability to love myself. So how could he love me? He took a sharpie and he wrote two large words on my forearm, “Have Faith.” I shot him a questioning look and he explained, “You need to have faith in yourself that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You need to believe that anything can happen. Take a chance. Have faith that things will get better.” And they did. They got worse first. But they did.

Those two words have changed me. It is unlikely that you will catch me without those words somewhere on my body. (I currently do not have a tattoo of it but hope to one day so I don’t have to keep using pen). Those words have helped me overcome any challenge thrown my way. So to all you people out there who are questioning themselves, all of you who don’t think they are good enough, those of you too scared to take a chance; Have faith.


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